What has happened to Business Momentum?

Not so much a re-brand - more of a de-brand!

The web address for Business Momentum (www.bizmomentum.co.uk) now re-directs to my new web address, which is www.paulstokes.eu.

Ten years ago, when the sale of our design and print business was imminent, I did not have a plan for life after Prontaprint,
beyond taking an extended holiday, but I knew that I certainly wasn’t going to retire! One thing I did do before the sale of the business was completed, was to design and print business stationery for myself, while I still had the facilities to do it. The Business Momentum brand was deliberately non-descriptive because, at that time, I had no idea quite what I would use it for.
As it happened, I wandered first, into a twelve month MIS project with a commercial printer, followed by just under four years as a salaried consultant with ODC. So five years later, having been made redundant from ODC, I had a ready made brand for the training services I offered. At that time I took it for granted that I would use the brand that I had ‘on the shelf’. However, since then, I have had numerous comments from clients and friends who say that they use my services because of my personal reputation. It now seems more appropriate to trade without the façade of a business name, so I will be de-branding and continuing in my own name from now on.
This website will now reflects my various activities, both business, and personal, so please explore the links below - I hope you enjoy it!